Specialists are Not Overrated

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The speaker's contention that generalists are more important than specialists is, in some respect, a reflection of the current problems in our society. Specialists are clearly more preferred for very technical or highly specialized fields but, at the same time, the understanding of what we as human species are and where our evolution or the progress is directed does require much broader perspective. First let's acknowledge that specialists are not overrated and sometimes even greater specialization is required in some fields, such as medicine, scientific inquiry or sports. It is hard to argue that Olympic champions are highly specialized individuals that need to devote the majority of their time to training. Without such devotion and concentration highest achievements in sports would not be possible, but at the same time I have to admit that sportsmen do include into their usual routine the elements from adjacent field. Nevertheless, the primary and most important concern is to acclaim the peak of performance at specific disciplines. Second, scientists receive very specialized ...
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