Essay on The Association of Ethics and Culture in an Organization

Essay on The Association of Ethics and Culture in an Organization

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The Association of Ethics and Culture in an Organization.

A plethora of business organizations, employees, and Executive Managers are challenged with pressing issues that varies such as, situations being against the law, within the confines of the law but, damaging to employees or civilians, instances where the laws are not enforced ,thus, the acts of trade and performance begs for moral judgement in all aspects. The etymological term that is used to define a right moral judgement toward every situation is known as ethics; According to Richard Daft, “Ethics are credos and moral values which govern the performances of an individual or group as it pertains to right or wrong choices” (Daft, 2012, pg. 122). As individuals, we are expected to socially behave in a manner that is considered as a norm within the society; even so, organizations are expected to be conducted with great ethical values toward the public. For example, as individuals we are taught not to disrespect or inflict harm to another person, because it shows negatively upon our intellectual capacity to cooperatively live within society. The same is true for organizations, they are not to perform in any form or manner with performances which are contrary to the behaviors of norms.
Business organizations are equipped with internal structures, which are used to steer organizations in the right direction; these structures are the cultures of the organization. According to Daft, “organizational cultures are the beliefs, understandings, and customs which are shared and practiced among employees within an organization” (Daft, 2012, pg. 78). Organizational cultures, are not without entrenched pragmatic ethical values; cultures are erected in direct response to the ob...

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...etriment of being sanctioned for a right choice.

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