Essay on Assessment And Development Of Assessment

Essay on Assessment And Development Of Assessment

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An ongoing feature of life, from the day we are born to the day we pass we are assessed, from birth, we are measured against benchmarks. I believe any assessment conducted to help improve a student holds the most value.

The focus of assessment is to measure and evaluate student progression and development. The process of assessment involves collecting information, organising tasks, evaluating knowledge and skills, interpreting results and reporting findings (McMillan, 2007). Killen
(2005) declares assessment encourages student learning, determines what targets need to be re-taught or amended and helps to identify ways of improving teaching and learning. For teachers to measure progress and development they need to assess the cognitive and affective domains to identify what knowledge and skills are understood when learning. Therefore, by placing significance on affective learning targets, through attitudes, values, motivation, self-concepts, social relationships and the classroom environment, teachers can better assess student development inclusively.

When a child starts school one of the very first things they encounter is assessment. For example, a child starting school in New South Wales has their first assessment on or before their first day of school. They sit with a teacher while they conduct an assessment known as the Best start exam. The purpose of the pre-kindergarten assessment is to provide teachers with information regarding the student’s current knowledge and experiences in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers develop quality teaching and learning programs to support the students in achieving Early Stage 1 syllabus outcomes (New South Wales Department of Education and Training, 2009).

The teaching and asses...

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...y students with assessment is the use of authentic and valid assessment. This will motivate and produce greater outcomes. Authentic assessment may include a cooking lesson where the students to need to measure correct amounts of ingredients whereas a valid assessment may include the completion of an art project.

With the implementation of continual formative assessments, diagnostic assessments, summative assessments and self-assessment and the ongoing critical instruction my assessment identity will continue to develop for the benefit of all my students. These types of assessment supply knowledge and make meaning. Hence, assessment and instruction becomes a continuous cycle. This practice enables successful and effective formative assessment, when using both informal and formal assessment methods to assess whether to adjust instructional strategies during lessons.

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