Essay On Affective Variables

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Affective variables are variables such as values, self-esteem, and attitude towards learning. Though cognitive variables are necessary for teaching, many forget the importance of affective variables while planning and implementing instruction or curriculum. While teaching content is important to student education and learning, without assessing affective, students will not benefit as much from the content learned. Assessing affective variable in the classroom allows students not only to grow as learners, but as people and citizens, which is equally as important. Intellect is not how one succeeds. According to Popham, Motivation and hard work are also needed to be successful (p.230). It is important for students to have these kinds of traits because students who are not brilliant can be successful with better developed affective skills.
In traditional teaching methods, the teacher focused more on cognitive skills and believed that students should only need to learn knowledge and content. However, it is becoming more apparent that including some affective variables has been proved to ...

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