Argument Against Euthanasia

Argument Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is a Greek word which means, gentle and easy death. However, it is the other way around. It is not a gentle or easy death because there is not a type of death which can called gentle in the world. According to Ian Dowbiggin, in Ancient Greece people used euthanasia without patient's permission. It means that, in Ancient Greece they did not care about the voluntariness. Also, there are just few doctors who adjust themselves according to the Hippocratic Oath. (250 pp.) After coming of Christianity, church learnt how evil suicide was and they told people killing another person or themselves was a brutal behavior. For a short time, nobody questioned euthanasia deeply. However, during reforms, euthanasia became known again. According to The New York State Task Force on Life and the Law, Renaissance and Reformation authors challenged church against Euthanasia and they succeeded. (80) In other words, church made euthanasia illegal. The reason of this achievement was euthanasia did harm than good and it was open to abuse also it was misused by doctors. Doctors use euthanasia to earn more money and for other benefits. Unfortunately, there are some countries which legalized euthanasia. However, euthanasia should not be legalized because according to article Twelve Reasons... Why Euthanasia Should Not be Legalized, it undermines medical research (, it conflicts with the medical ethics and doctors' duties, it puts pressure on people, and most religions are against euthanasia.

Euthanasia seems like an escape way from issues because it brings death, unfortunately, deaths prevent medical research which is providing people more comfortable conditions. Legalizing euthanasia has some consequences such as, after legalization, rate of death will increase day by day. There are some reasons about rate's rising. First of all most of the poor people cannot provide their medical treatment costs. Choosing death will be more easy way to stop suffering. However, death is not a solution at all, people must continue their lives for their aims, families and most important one is for themselves. Secondly, according to Dr. Peter Hildering, people do not want to become a burden to others and to society, especially, to relatives. There is an example about this case, a 65 year old woman, suffering from cancer, was discharged from hospital. Her doctor discussed euthanasia with her. The patient does not want euthanasia because of her religious grounds. However, she became more ill and considered herself a burden to her husband.

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She wanted euthanasia and died. The case is reported but it did not affect anything about illegalization (7 May 2003). As people see in the example, there are some cases like this and it is unfair to kill them because they feel themselves like a burden. In addition, people must create opportunities for the other ones, who suffers a disease, not legalized euthanasia and make them think about death. Those all deaths prevent medical research, because if there is not any new diseases, doctors will decrease their studies. Once someone, who suffers from a new kind of disease, accepts euthanasia there will be no possibility to study about her/his disease. As a final point, euthanasia decreases the rate of medical research and makes people more likely to die.

There are some ethics in medical industries, euthanasia conflict with these ethics and doctors have some duties on their patients euthanasia prevents doctors to do theirs part. First of all, doctors' main task is healing people not killing them. They must search for new treatments, not search for medicines which kill people painless. They must protest euthanasia because they have got other duties also once they accept euthanasia in other words, death they accept it as a solution of problems too. Dr. Karel Gunning, states: “Once you accept killing as a solution for a single problem, you will find tomorrow hundreds of problems for which killing can be seen as a solution.” (3) This statement pointed by Dr. Karel shows, people can abuse euthanasia so it must be illegal if people do not want to deal with death of their relatives. Secondly, doctors have got relationship with their patients. This relationship must be a healthy relationship because doctors decide their futures. However, euthanasia makes it impossible patients cannot know about their conditions like there is a doctor who does not like his patient. The doctor can easily make his/her patient believe that he needs euthanasia so it is open to abuse. The statement of British Medical Association makes this point clear 'Legalizing euthanasia would mark a fundamental change in doctor-patient relationship where patients will have to wonder whether ...'the physician coming into my room is wearing the white coat of the healer ... or the black hood of the executioner''. Thirdly, before medical university students become doctors they must swear an oath called Hippocratic Oath. According to Hippocratic Oath doctors take witness all the gods and goddesses and they swear they will give no deadly medicine to their patients. Therefore, if a person swears an oath, s/he must not break this oath so doctors must follow Hippocratic Oath and try to make people feel healthier. Euthanasia is just a block for medical needs and it does not involve medical ethics and doctors' duties.

Euthanasia is in a disagreement with some religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Islam has definite rules about euthanasia. Firstly Muslims are not support euthanasia because it is forbidden to damage their body. They believe that the body is not belong them they just use it for a while. Afterlife they will give the body back to the God who is the real owner of the body. According to the Qur'an, 'Do not take life, which Allah made sacred, other than in the course of justice.'(17:33) This statement explains people’s lives value according to Islam. In an addition, in Islam people must not change their death time it is unchangeable and irrecusable just Allah can decide when humans will die. There is a Sura in the Qur'an, 'When their time comes they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward by a single hour. (16:61) There is a dialog in a book called Sahih Bukhari which has written by Muhammed el-Bukhari, 'The prophet said: 'Amongst the nations before you there was a man who got a wound and growing impatient (with its pain) he took a knife and cut his hand with it and the blood did not stop till he died. Allah said 'My slave hurried to bring death upon himself so I have forbidden him (to enter) Paradise. It is a big issue to harm any living thing in Islam. It has a very big punishment like people cannot enter Paradise if they use euthanasia. Secondly, in Christianity euthanasia is not an acceptable thing because they think life is given by the God. There are some different ideas about euthanasia in Christianity but the main idea is, it must be forbidden. According to the Roman Catholic view 'Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of the God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person.'(Pope John Paul II) Also it is wrong to help someone commit suicide it is a sin for everyone. In Evangelium Vitae Pope John Paul II expressed that we must share pain it is a rule of compassion but it is not right to kill someone who suffers people cannot bear it. (Pope John Paul II) Thirdly, in Judaism people cannot change their lifetimes’ so it is a sin to shorten the life. There is an example about euthanasia in the Bible according to Jewish view and a certain woman threw an upper millstone upon Abim'elech's head, and crushed his skull. Then he called hastily to the young man his armor-bearer, and said to him, "Draw your sword and kill me, lest men say of me, 'A woman killed him.'" And his young man thrust him through, and he died. (Judges 9:53-54) All of these examples show euthanasia's place according to religions. Therefore euthanasia does not except in three major religions.

In conclusion, euthanasia should not be legalized because it has a lot of bad sides for human life. It decreases doctors' performances and it damages doctor-patient relationships. It does not care about the medical morality also it conflicts with three major religions. There are some countries, which are supporting euthanasia. Therefore, it must be abolished in the all countries.


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