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Selective Abortion Is it logical for a mother to determine the sex of the baby before the baby is born? Selective Abortion is where a fetus has some kind of undesirable characteristics or there are too many fetuses are in the uterus and the parent(s) have voluntarily chosen to dismantle that undesirable characteristic of the fetus before the baby is born. Selective Abortion is not common in North America; on the other hand, it is very common in other countries and various cultures. Selective Abortion is completely going against the right of actually having a child and knowing that God has given you this precious gift for a reason and there is no excuse on why one would need to mess that up. Most people think that a regular abortion is just doing away with the fetus because it is unwanted. However, abortions can occur not only when the fetus is unwanted but also when the fetus might be defective and not live the normal life, the mother is too young to care for a son or daughter, the mother has to have an abortion to save her own life, and etc. Most abortions are performed within the first trimester of pregnancy. Warren Hern states that abortions are performed by a …show more content…

BBC News voices, in their article on Selective Abortions, that selective abortions “occur in those cases where a particular foetus is perceived as having undesirable characteristics. Selective abortion is also done when there are too many foetuses in a pregnancy” (BBC News). Selective abortion can be caused by many different reasons. One reason might be that the fetus might have a six fingers on one hand and the parent(s) are unhappy with the circumstances. They could choose to have a selective abortion because it’s not that the baby is unwanted, the reason is that they do not want their baby to grow up with a defective hand. BBC News also gives some reasons why some people might want to have a selective abortion such

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