Essay on Answers to Questions Regarding Healthcare: Class Questionnaire

Essay on Answers to Questions Regarding Healthcare: Class Questionnaire

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1. In most of these countries, does universal coverage provide the gold standard of care?
What is the gold standard of care? The Gold Standard of care is framework aimed to ensure all patients have a good death; basically this is the end of life care. There is no single gold standard; its eligibility and assessment requires multiple viewpoints. The gold standard has five goals.
• Consistent high quality care;
• Alignment with patients’ preferences;
• Pre-planning and expectancy of needs;
• Improved staff self-assurance and teamwork;
• More home-based, less hospital based care (GSF, 2010).
Universal coverage is provided in almost all these countries because of public and private funds. Private insurance and care would probably cover the gold standard because the patient will have chosen to pay more. Mostly this framework is used in the United Kingdom. (Reynolds, 2010)
2. Does rationing occur in these countries and how is that different from rationing in the United States?
Yes rationing occurs in the other countries. Countries with universal health care ration through controlled distribution such as nationwide budgeting, administrative setting of prices and provider fees, restrictions on certain services, or a combination of methods. The United States health care system ration is about price and insurance coverage. The United States healthcare rationing has led to poor and low-income people to not be able to get care at all, but it also means that they might be able to get a different type of care within the healthcare system that treats people differently on the basis of whether and how much can be afford. Industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom, healthcare rationing should be regarded as the exception not the rule....

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