The And Multi Fund Offer Service All Different Retirement Products For Each Participant

The And Multi Fund Offer Service All Different Retirement Products For Each Participant

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GVA and Multi-Fund offer service all different retirement products like Alliance the difference they both also consider Annuity products for each participant. Each of those products are not being sold and are currently being phased out of Lincoln available products
The main focus of this paper will be the Alliance area but specifically the Client and Administrative Services(CAS) area. The title of my paper “Six Degree to the Top of Lincoln” what it means is that each employee should no more than six people away from the CEO of the company. The area that I currently work within is New Business Implementation which is part of the CAS area, along with my area there are five other areas that are apart of CAS. The New Business area consist of Setup, Payroll, Conversion, and Fund changes. Each group as an individual team along all together to get a new plan implemented on the Alliance product. Each team reports to the team’s manager then the manager reports directly to a Director of Implementation. The director turns around and reports to the head of CAS which reports to the Head of Retirement Plan Services. The next step is for the Head of RPS to report to the President of Insurance and Retirement Solutions. The final step is for the President of Insurance and Retirement Solutions to report to the CEO of the Company Dennis Glass. The leadership throughout Lincoln is represented in the same way with no more than six managers between you and the head of the company. The leadership that I will describe in the paper will be of my direct report which is the Director of New Business Implementation along with style of leaders that I am in direct contact which includes managers.
A2. Describe at least three leadership practices of the primary l...

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...lowing the fund change team to handle its own quality. The final move aligned all fund change team under one manager. This change was going smooth for a few months as the manager added more on to her plate and business started to change the director had to look at it again. This time the challenge was to align that team with the area under new business that closely had some of the same responsibility that the fund change team did. The director looked at the conversion/deconversion team as some of the day to day task were similar to the fund change team. The next step was making sure the manager could handle the additional personnel without effecting the rest of his team. The change would have been the second in less than a year a move that would force the team to move area and learn a new manager. The decision had to be the last time this team changed as there was no

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