Difference Between Progressivism And Existentialism

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Progressivism, Existentialism, and Individuality To be a teacher it is imperative to have philosophies on teaching; why you want to teach, how you want to teach, and what you want to teach. There are six main philosophies of education; essentialism, behaviorism, progressivism, existentialism, perennialism, and reconstructionism. My two strongest philosophies are progressivism and existentialism. Progressivism in short is the philosophy where the student utilizes their ability to access knowledge for themselves with a method they have discovered on their own instead of simply being told answers. This creates deeper thinking. Existentialism is the philosophy that the student decides how and what they will learn, they also decide what they think to be true and false. This creates …show more content…

I think it is extremely important that students maintain their individuality all throughout childhood and carry it through them into adulthood. Both of these philosophies promote individuality. Progressivism promotes individuality because it encourages the student to come up with conclusions on their own, in ways that makes most sense to them so they can grasp the content in the best way possible. This provokes deeper, more meaningful ways of thinking. Existentialism is important for students because it encourages them to be unique in thought and action, to embrace who they are deep down inside and to not let their individuality fade as they grow older. I believe that these two philosophies are the most important ones when it comes to the student’s individual uniqueness, which can bring such great things into this world. Not every child thinks the same, so not every child learns the same. Consequently, if we allow children to learn as they wish, as long as they put towards an effort, their minds will grow to a greater degree than if we teach one specific way to teach each

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