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Analysis Of The Book ' Return On Character ' Essays

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We all make mistakes in life and in business. Thankfully, honest mistakes are often not the impetus towards professional destruction. That typically comes when integrity is lacking. As Warren Buffet once said, “Look for three things (in an effective leader): intelligence, energy and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother.”
Statistics have backed up Mr. Buffet’s statement and reveal quantifying data, which proves the correlation between a leader’s integrity and their success. Dr. Fred Kiel author of the book “Return on Character” collected data on 84 CEOs. He looked at the affect behavior had on company performance. He found a multi-year return rate of 9.4% in high-integrity CEOs, while CEOs that were less honest and good had only a 1.9% of return. What’s even more fascinating is how employees react to the difference in integrity levels. Employee engagement was found to be 26% higher in companies with high-integrity leaders than in companies whose leaders were less than honorable. This data shows the positive end result effect a high-integrity leader has on his or her company, and why it is actually more profitable to be honest and above-board.
Now that you know the role truthfulness and goodness plays in regard to the way a leader is thought of, read below to learn what said leaders should avoid. These seven mistakes will undermine all they have worked for and will in effect create distrust and disloyalty in employees, which will lead to negative long-term results. As a result, when seeking to become a leader of integrity and thereby making yourself an effective authority, you should avoid these attributes:
Refusing to Accept Any Blame:
Although no one expects you to fall on the ceremonious sword if in f...

... middle of paper ...

... they don’t. When they can’t do this, they tend to play favorites and lack emotional intelligence, which in turn makes them poor leaders.
Becoming a Fire Fighter:
In any business, there are daily problems that need to be dealt with posthaste. Consequently, some leaders spend all day playing fireman, putting out the fires that spring up within the company. This in turn leads them to lose focus over long-term goals. A good leader is able to handle distractions and will retain their vision of the company’s long-term goals, never sacrificing them for the squeaky wheel of the day.
No one said being a good leader was easy. If it was, there would be a lot more people doing it. However, by avoiding the seven mistakes listed above you can ensure you aren’t preventing yourself from developing the authority you need to become a successful and engaging leader in your field.

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