Essay On The Insufficiency Of Honesty

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In the two readings, “ The insufficiency of honesty” author Stephan L. Carter and “What isn’t for sale?” by Michael J Sandle, These writings address the two issues in society. One being honesty and the other is giving up morals in order to obtain something. Both of these authors say society is giving up their morals in order to acquire what they want. Society will do anything and forget about honesty and morals. Markets are putting monetary value to items that shouldn’t have monetary value. People give up their morals in order to have these items.

In these two readings the two texts are similar in is that they are willing to do whatever to get what they need. For example, in the text “what isn’t for sale?” a single mother got a tattoo on
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Eventually these things won’t be meaningful to society. For example in what isn’t for sale? They pay kids $2 per book they read page 714. This is something that shouldn’t have monetary value. This should be something meaningful to society. These stories were written at different times where the worlds were developing at different stages the text what isn’t for sale was published in 2012 while the text the insufficiency of honesty was published in 1996. The dates published were over 10 years apart. People were questioning the terms moral and integrity differently in 1996 in contrast to 2012. For example people in 1996 might give up their morals for a new 60 in plasma television that was not common to see in everyday life compared to 2012 where those were common. The years the stories that were written give off different perspectives on theses two subjects. People that were growing up in the time of 1996 were not too consumed with technology or the economical struggles that are now seen during 2012 and up. The second difference is the term moral and integrity and how they are used throughout the texts. The term moral is having a standard and integrity has to do with honesty and morals. The term moral is used in the text written by Micheal J Sandle and the term integrity is used in the text written by Stephen L. Carter. These terms are different because having a standard has to do with morals and in contrast integrity has to do with honestly and morals. Throughout the text Carter outlines integrity as not being the same thing as honesty but how honesty is an important virtue of integrity. Both morality and integrity are terms used to describe a person

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