Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Homeland Insecurities '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Homeland Insecurities '

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The Racist American

Season 1 Episode 6 of American Dad was the first episode where it implied racism into the name of the episode, “Homeland Insecurities”. The title “Homeland Insecurities” is a reference to Homeland Security, which was created in response of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The “insecurities” implies that there is terrorist around the country ready to strike. The episode itself has racism. Season 1 Episode 6 is about how the Smith family, white middle class family, wanted to throw a barbeque for their neighborhood. Stan and his wife Francine went around to all the houses personally inviting their neighbors to the barbeque. Everything was going great until they came across a new family, the Mamaris. Stan notices their non-white skin color and immediately changed his behavior. The Mamaris eventually received an invitation to the barbeque after some racial questioning done by the CIA Alpha male, Stan Smith. One example was, “What part of Islam do you hail from?” During the barbeque, Stan spots some smoke off in the distance and immediately targets the Mamaris as if they were responsible because of their middle eastern decent. Stan eventually gets the Mamaris to go into his backyard that he made into a prison camp. Eventually Stan let the Mamaris out of his backyard. Francine then apologized for Stan’s behavior and the Mamaris said one last comment to end the episode.
As Sandra Hughes-Hassel states in her text “Young Adult Literature as a Form of Counter-Storytelling”, only 123 books had “significant African or African American context” out of 3,400 books published in 2011 (Hughes-Hassel 213). Although American Dad is not a children’s book, it still fits in with the majority without having Significant African Ame...

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...erican Dad because of the “what did they say” factor. The counter story in this episode was that the Mamaris didn’t turn out to be terrorist at all and made look Stan like a fool. Even though there was a counter story, it wasn’t the main focus of the episode. The counter story came and went in about thirty seconds then the episode ended. The creators didn’t put that counter story hoping people would realize that not everyone from the middle east was a terrorist, he put it in there because they needed to end the episode.
To conclude, American Dad is a single story where whites Americans reign supreme over everyone else. It relates to Hughes-Hassel’s text through the misrepresentation of groups of people. While it does have a counter story at the end, it is very minimal and is over powered by all of the other racist remarks made just for viewers to laugh at.

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