Analysis Of ' Just Walk On By ' Staples Essay

Analysis Of ' Just Walk On By ' Staples Essay

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As a person of today 's society, I am aware of the acts of racism that occur. This past summer, a plethora of incidents happened because of racial discrimination. These incidents occur because people see African Americans as a threat by the way they are portrayed. A person 's race does affect what people think about them and how they react to them.
In "Just Walk On By," Staples encounters many acts of racism because people see him as a threat due to the fact that he is a big, black man. One incident Staples encounters, is when he goes into a jewelry store to pass time before an interview, and the proprietor went to the back of the store and got an enormous dog so Staples would leave. Staples was not doing anything besides looking around, but since he was black the woman thought he was a threat, so she did whatever she could do to make him leave. Another incident Staples experiences is when he walks the streets he, "often witnesses that 'hunch posture ' from women."(240) Even thought Staples wants nothing to do with the women and their pocketbooks, they think he does. They b...

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