Textual Analysis Of 'Black Men And Public Space'

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While reading Brent Staples textual analysis “Black Men and Public Space”, I thought the theme was simply displayed: white people are still racist. However, when I reread the analysis a few more times it became very clear and more composite than how I interpreted it the first time. Staples implies that there is a fine distinction between the two races. The author notices the habits or cultural appropriation. Staples concentrates on how black men were being taken a gander at by the way they convey themselves or by the way they were wearing open spots. Staples was taken a gander at as a black man who needed to take or hurt somebody each time he was within the sight of a white people. Staples likewise clarified how as a young man he saw extreme folks going to prison and how he 's lost his sibling, high school cousin, and dear companion. He was practically expelled from an occupational building because the director had confused him for a thief. Following quite a while of being mixed up for a criminal Staples discovered that on the off chance that he would avoid potential risk to make himself less undermining. He does that by changing his physical conduct. There are things that are going on today where men specifically black men are being mixed up for being a risk towards white individuals and the final product being sent away to jail or being killed for reasons unknown by any means. Black men are being dealt with unjustifiably then white men. On the off chance that a black man was to stroll into a store with a dark hoodie on he will be viewed as a risk yet in the event that a white man was to do precisely the same he wouldn 't be appeared to be identical
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