Analysis Of ' Grace Full Leadership ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Grace Full Leadership ' Essay

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The final official text for our doctoral program, “Grace-full Leadership” by Bowling (2011) captures the essence of being an ethical leader, as we gear up to exit the program in May of 2017. The texts prior in Covenant Leadership build foundation to that journey to embark with new insights, morale, and values about leadership in our arenas following Christ’s lead in this broken world. Effective leadership is established by a leader’s dedication to life-long development. Grace-Full leaders are more concerned with spirit than style. They are covenant than contractual and they view people as ends not a means. They seek significance not success and focus primarily on the body, not the head. In Bowling’s text, Grace-Full leaders understand accountability, they follow as well as lead, they interact rather than react, and they maintain balance.
Key Arguments
Bowling indicates that leadership within Christian community should be unique with distinct qualities and traits of an effective Christian leader. Todays leaders need to break the standardized leadership styles, especially in needed times in the life of the organization and lead with grace-full leadership with God being placed at the center of the person’s, work, and relationships. Grace-full leadership is concerning the heart and the character of a leader. It is doing the right thing that is people oriented and concerned with the spirit. Grace-full leaders are covenant and view people as ends, seek significance, and focus on the body. These leaders understand accountability, are followers as well as leader, interact rather than react, and maintain balance. Effective leadership is established by a leader’s dedication to life-long development. Developing leaders is not easy and an or...

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...gnize the contributions made by other people; however, they are first to take responsibility for any blame. Grace-full leaders empower people and consider empowering to be a leader’s obligation and job to coach people to bring out their full potential.
Effective leadership is founded by a leader’s dedication to life-long development. The measure of leadership is not the quality of the head, but the tone of the body. Leadership is a concept of owing debt to the institution and it is about thinking of institutional heirs and stewardship. The final objective of Grace-full leadership leads to enhancing the life and effectiveness of the people and the organization for the betterment of the society. A Grace-full leader is servant leader, embracing humility, people’s heart and body and following Christ’s lead in making the world’s today, a better than yesterday.

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