The, An Upscale Uniform Supply Company, And Paledenim, A Supplier Of Low Cost Denim

The, An Upscale Uniform Supply Company, And Paledenim, A Supplier Of Low Cost Denim

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UWEAR, an upscale uniform supply company, and PALEDENIM, a supplier of low cost denim and coveralls, are in the midst of a merger. Since the merger is still undergoing, there are many fears between the employees of UWEAR and PALEDENIM. The employees at UWEAR and PALEDENIM are feeling the pressure to perform and fears that the companies could downsize because of the merger. While this is happening, Joe Smith, a sales representative of UWEAR, and Bill Bateman, the chief of executive officer of the Peninsula Hotel chain are trying to come to an agreement on a contract renewal. Joe and Bill happen to be very good friends, which Joe has come to benefit from. Bill would give Joe expensive presents, would allow him to use his hotels for business or pleasure, and also let Joe and his wife join Bill and his family on sailing trips on Bill’s yacht. Bill has received an offer from Threads4U, which would beat UWEAR’s price by ten percent. When Joe signed on Bill’s hotel chain, he was reprimanded from the management team because the bid was too low. Now Joe is concerned about his employment with UWEAR and his friendship with Bill. Bill recently called Joe and invited Joe and his wife on Bill’s yacht over the weekend. Joe must now decide what he should consider about this invitation and whether or not to accept the invitation.
The Invitation’s Possible Outcome
Since Joe has put himself in a conflict of interest, he has to be very careful about this invitation. A conflict of interest is when an individual has a clashing personal and/or business interest in the outcome of a situation (Editorial Board, 2015). One thing he has to consider is what the possible outcomes are if he accepts the offer. Another thing he has...

... middle of paper ...

... dinner at a mutual place where both can afford. This way it does not look like a bribe from Bill but just friends casually going out to eat with their wives.
In conclusion, Joe should explain to Bill that due to the situation, he would prefer that they instead go out to eat where both can afford. This is a more reasonable compromise. It shows that Joe is not taking advantage of Bill’s friendship and is also considering his employment with UWEAR. Joe’s consideration lies on the outcomes on whether or not he accepts the invitation, and if it looks ethical not only to his management team but also to the public. In choosing to decline the invitation he is practicing the virtue theory, because he is making an ethical decision towards UWEAR and Bill. With this decision, Joe’s employment with UWEAR and his friendship with Bill will both be unchanging.

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