Nishat Hotel Case Study

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CEO CLUB: Iqra please share with me the idea behind Emporium Mall and Nishat Hotel also the challenges that you are facing.
I will start with Nishat Hotel as it was the first thing that I started off in Pakistan. I developed an interest in hospitality after I came back from the London School of Economics where I studied International Relations. I soon realized that it was the field of Hospitality that interests me and not IR so we started a small boutique hotel with sixty-five rooms. The idea was to give such interior aesthetic, food and quality service that when one walks in he feels like he can be anywhere in the world so stepping into Nishat Hotel will be like you stepped into any of the modern day hotels in the developed world. The response
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One is having a store inside a mall and the other is to have one on a street or a road. The first one has many advantages of having a controlled temperature as we know that in Pakistan specifically in Lahore we face the extreme of both hot and cold. The temperature inside a mall is maintained via air conditioning and heating unlike that on a street or a road so people prefer visiting such stores. There is also the concern for a security which again is looked after by a mall’s administration. We have a foreign consultant for that. Along with this even the common man now in Pakistan wants to be in an atmosphere that is clean and up to a certain standard. People want nice food courts and if a table is left unclean for even a minute, people complain about it. The public is more demanding now as compared to the past. A decade ago an average lady would get the material from the market and get her work clothes sewn by a tailor. This is changing now. Now ladies opt for readymade alternatives and so the brands are thriving now. Ten years back you could easily count the international brands in Pakistan on your fingers. This has changed now. We have the example of Uber; they say that Pakistan is the market where their brand’s growth is the highest because after all, our population is massive. Even after Packages I think that Lahore can take two more malls. Even if you start planning a mall today it will take you at least three years to have it up and

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