An Army Legacy Leader Of The United States Essay examples

An Army Legacy Leader Of The United States Essay examples

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to define and identify what an Army Legacy Leader means to me. A type of legacy a Military professional would like to leave behind and continue to inspire one’s life. As well as, the kind of legacy, I would like to leave behind. What makes a Military professional in the United States (US) Army a legacy leader? A Legacy Leader in the US Army can be anyone that achieves extraordinary awards such as receiving a Medal of Honor. A Legacy Leader can, also, be anyone who has the ability to endure exceptional pain to accomplish the mission. In my opinion, a Legacy Leader is a Military professional that can mentor, lead, motivate, train and provide a sense of wellbeing to their subordinates. As well as, encourage subordinates and peers to achieve their ultimate goals and make an impact towards a career to the extent, where they want to model from your example. My Legacy Leader is retired Sergeant First Class (SFC) Knight, Federico. The first time I met SFC Knight, I was an Initial Entry Trainee (IET) Soldier in the Intelligence Analyst Course in 2005. SFC Knight was one of my instructors in the course. At that moment, I did not know that two years after graduating from the course, SFC Knight would become my section Non-Commission Officer in Charge (NCOIC) in Fort Hood Texas. The mentorship that he provides towards me has been everlasting. SFC Knight, leadership style exemplified the main characteristics of an true NCO; “Be, Know, and DO” or better known as of today, Attributes and Competences . His leadership style increased my self-confidence, taught me to accept constructive feedback, and most importantly understand how to be a well-rounded Soldier. Influence The day, SFC Knight begins to impact, my ...

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... to perform under the most difficult and demanding times. He always took responsibility and accountability for what he did do and fail to do. As a Senior NCO and legacy leader, he clearly communicated to each Soldier their responsibilities with clear guidance. His legacy as a Senior NCO will always live on through me. My Legacy I hope my legacy is just as impactful to young Solder’s life as SFC Knight was to mine. In my legacy, I wish to have Soldiers or peers contact me for military advice or admire me for my leadership ability. I encounter IET Soldiers on a daily base, given my current duty position and I hope that my advice will carry over in their military experience. I try every day to be that exemplary role model that SFC Knight, displayed on that daily bases in my young military career. Leaving each, Soldier that meet me a positive experience is my life legacy.

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