An Ambitious High School Student Essay

An Ambitious High School Student Essay

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An ambitious high school student, a current college student, and a parent could tremendously benefit from the College For All Act currently being debated in congress. It’s a bill that could send millions of children to college, and despite what Wall-Street 's’ warring lobbyists argue, its cost can be covered easily. It is funded by the Robin Hood Tax, a clause in the the C.F.A.A. which innocently places a simple sales tax on Wall-Street speculation. The tax charges a one half of one percent charge for selling stocks, a much needed, but immensely modest discouragement of speculation, which has been among the main causes of economic crashes in recent history.
Socialism comes to mind for several opponents of this bill, People Like Ronald Reagan argue that they shouldn’t have to finance other peoples education and that those people should pay their own way through college because it is an investment. A warranted argument indeed, but these same people have already financed other people 's education through property taxes, and the people paying the biggest bulk of the cost (people who trade or sell more than $10,000 in stocks or bonds in a day) aren 't actually people, but computers predicting trends in the market. According to the organization Robin Hood Tax™, alongside text in the C.F.A.A., These computers often make thousands of trades a minute, hastening, steepening, and often causing crashes because of a minor fluctuation. In addition, it is still an investment, just on a bigger scale, instead of an individual indebting themselves for a bigger change at a bright future for them, it’s society making an investment towards a brighter future for all.
Others argue that government financing will further enable colleges and universities...

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...ourself into debt for half of your life.
The College For All Act, financed by a Robin Hood tax would provide a more even playing field for students in America. College graduates wouldn’t be discouraged from spending money to support the economy, and would therefore contribute more into it. Individual achievement and merit would define one 's acceptance into college instead of their ability to pay for it. State colleges would be inclined to offer education without dramatically increasing cost to the government the same way public schools would be inclined to offer education without asking for dramatically more money from the government. Private colleges would be forced to specialize and make their product marketable against a state system in order to exist. And finally, there would be at least some kind of price to pay for using computers to gamble with the economy.

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