The Alexander Hamilton Of The Founding Fathers Essay

The Alexander Hamilton Of The Founding Fathers Essay

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Have you ever wondered what Alexander Hamilton would be able to accomplish if he had not been killed by Aaron Burr? Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers, was a talented man who achieved many things during his lifetime. Therefore, it is no surprise that he could attain a higher position in the office and even become a president. In fact, with him being a president, many events could be changed, including the War of 1812, the slavery system, and even the size of the country.
First of all, let take a look at Alexander Hamilton. In January 11th, 1757, Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis. When he was about 12 years old, Hamilton faced many hardships as all of his relatives passed away. This event gave him the resilience to overcome troubles or hindrances in the future. Moreover, Hamilton was a famous lawyer in New York. For instance, his published law manual, Practical Proceedings in the Supreme Court of New York, was used as a standard text for the state’s law student for centuries (“Biography”). Thus, there is no wonder that the relationship between Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall was very good and with Hamilton still survived and even became president in later years the power John Marshall could have obtained might be greater. On the other hands, Hamilton was also known for many wrongdoings and his belief in somewhat a monarchy. For example, Hamilton was involved in a sex affair with a young Philadelphia woman named Maria Reynolds, which would result in a huge loss of reputation (“5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Hamilton”). In short, even when Hamilton was then applauded for his honesty in telling the truth, the fact that the Secretary of Treasury paid the blackmail money as well as committed adultery w...

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...ld not occur with a well-managed system of banks. Lastly, Hamilton brought with him the idea of president for life when he took the office and thus it is easy to guess that the political system we have nowadays might have changed a lot as well. For instance, with a country in a state of a monarch system, the government would suffer less corruption as the ruler had less desire or motive to exploit his or her power (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Monarchy”).
In conclusion, if Aaron Burr didn’t kill Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton himself would become a famous and well-known president for his accomplishments. With the victorious outcome of the war of 1812, the country would expand further over North America and become more powerful. Also, Hamilton would have one of the most successful achievements in helping the country avoid the civil war and ending the slavery system.

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