Who Won the War of 1812?

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The War of 1812 otherwise known as the “Forgotten War”, was a three year military conflict between America, Britain and their Native allies. It was a relatively small war that arguably shaped a continent for centuries to come. Around the time of 1812 there was tension in and around America because of several controversial acts that Britain had passed out. Because of the Napoleonic Wars Britain had a “You are either with us or you are against us”, approach to other nations. However the British did whatever it took to get out of a war however that could not happen because of what they were doing. The British had forgotten America after the war of Independence and didn’t regard them as a powerful Nation. Their focus was on France however America managed to tangle themselves in this conflict between the two Nations by trading with the French. America wanted to make some money off France and had engaged in trade a while back. The British, because of their approach of dealing with other nations, had set up an embargo that made American ships pay a duty to the British before they could trade with the French. They had also engaged in what was called impressment in which they would take men of American ships, if the men had even the most vague connection to Britain they would take them hostage and put them on their own boats to go to war for the British. Theses acts angered the Americans and they wanted to go to war with Britain so a new breed of congress and government were put in place. They were called Warhawks, these men were more aggressive and were known to act before thinking. The Battle of Profits town had most probably been the tipping point for going to war, when Sir Governor William Henry Harrison and his militia had attacked P...

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...d victorious from the war of 1812. Although I have defined this war to be a British victory through writing this essay I have learned that war always comes at a price. There is always a loss whether it be many casualties, loss of land or both. I have learned that war should always be the last resort, but that is not always the case. America wanted to pick a fight with Britain, when they could have tried negotiating with Britain. Although the War of 1812 was a relatively small war, it shaped a continent for centuries to come. War always has a big effect on peoples, countries, continents and even the world. Unfortunately war can not always be avoided and in cases like that there isn’t much you can do. We must always respect the people that fought for us, that defended us when the Americans attacked.The War of 1812 was a British victory and the proof is Canada it self.
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