African Americans During The Civil War Essay

African Americans During The Civil War Essay

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America’s economy has always been as unpredictable as the weather. However, between the constant ups and downs, America has always chosen to continue working towards bettering itself as a country and refuses to plateau. However, this time period experienced an abundance of race and gender issues. Although African Americans were enlisted in the military and sent overseas to fight, they were still treated with less respect than the Caucasian soldiers. An African American soldier could never go above the rank of a sargeant. Women, in some cases, were able to assist the military by working as nurses and other stereotypical jobs. They were not allowed to go into battle. With a considerable amount of help from African Americans and women in WWII, America conquered other countries and fought what some say was our best fight. Because of the effects of the war, our country experienced a massive growth as opportunities arose for it’s people. Stable jobs were appearing out of no where, African Americans and women were starting to gain more respect, and our economy was soaring. This was a period of prosperity and it lasted until the early 1970’s.
World War II was a large factor in the finalization of the Great Depression which America was experiencing beforehand. This was because World War II supplied jobs to the citizens of America. Because of the huge need of war supplies, jobs in factories were of an abundance. For the women and the men who didn’t go off to war, there was work offered in factory settings where they helped to build ships, airplanes, tanks, and more. This circumstance jump started America out of the slump it was in, the Great Depression. It also did the pleasure of boosting the stock market.
As for the men who did partake i...

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...This ensured that the important economies of Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France would all emerge as strong capitalist economies after the war. With strong economies there would be little incentive for these countries to adopt a communist government, which many poor countries were doing at the time.
It is clear to see that the brutalities from World War II served a bittersweet purpose as it caused America to emerge as a country with a strong military and economy. Groups that were previously looked down upon, such as African Americans and women, were given a purpose, causing them to be more appreciated than ever. America’s strong economy not only helped the well-being of it’s own people, but it also aided suffering countries. Because of the hard working citizens within it, America is a country which others strive to be like and refuse to challenge.

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