Essay On Confederate Soldiers

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The Confederate Soldiers The Confederate soldiers had a tough time living together for years with barely any food, bathing as a rarity and carrying around 40 pounds a day wherever you went. The Confederate Soldiers had very small food rations. They ate 12oz of bacon or salted beef, 20oz of bread or cornmeal, rice and peas daily. If a soldier today received that much food then they would be very hungry by the end of the day. Most men that signed up for the army were between ages 18 to 29 and most were farmers. African Americans were not allowed to be in the army. White men were paid $11 a month in 1861, and in 1864 they were raised to $18 a month. Most of the men had to carry around 30 to 40 pounds of supplies in knapsacks or that they When canvas was scarce, most of the soldiers were forced to make “open-air beds” by piling straw or leaves between two logs and covering up with a blanket. During winter months, basic huts were constructed from wood when it was available. During the civil war, most of the soldiers fought only 75 percent of the time. When they were not fighting, their day usually started at 5:00 in the morning during the summer and spring, and 6:00 in the morning during the fall and winter. Soldiers would be awakened by fifes and drums, then the first sergeant would take roll call, and all the men sat down to eat breakfast. During the day soldiers would be engaged in sometimes as many as five 2-hour long drill sessions on weaponry or maneuvers. Many soldiers thought of these as boring, wanting to fight instead. One of the biggest problems was sanitation. Clean water for drinking and bathing was rare and illness from poor hygiene or contaminated water was very common. Most of the camps were in tight groups and contagious diseases such as chickenpox, colds or the flu would spread over camp within

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