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Black soldiers were among the bravest of those fighting in the Civil War. Both free Blacks in the Union army and escaped slaves from the South rushed to fight for their freedom and they fought with distinction in many major Civil War battles. Many whites thought Blacks could not be soldiers. They were slaves. They were inferior. Many thought that if Blacks could fight in the war it would make them equal to whites and prove the theory of slavery was wrong. Even though Black soldiers had to face much discrimination during the Civil War, they were willing to fight to the death for their freedom. In the movie “Glory“ the director focused on the African Americans in the north that fought in the 54th regiment led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. During the time of the Civil War, the African Americans that fought in the 54th regiment were often treated unfairly but there were always nice people that backed them up.
During the Civil War, there were people who were extremely prejudiced against the 54th regiment because the soldiers were all different colored skin and the people where used to the idea that different color skinned people worked as slaves. In “Glory,“ Colonel Montgomery, the Sargent that trained and prepared them for war, and the colonel that was in charge of distributing necessities, served as the people who discriminated the African American soldiers. When he was teaching the soldiers how to march, some of them couldn’t tell the difference between left and right. He acted as if all African Americans were uneducated and they were hopeless to teach. Shoes were an essential part of training. Many of the African American soldiers didn‘t even have decent shoes when they enrolled for the war. Naturally, after all the training, their shoes wore down. If the 54th regiment were composed of white soldiers, the department that passed out shoes would already have prepared extra shoes for them. But since the 54th regiment was composed of all African Americans, the regiment was discriminated and there were no extra shoes for them. The other white generals thought the 54th regiment would never go on a battlefield and even if they did, they probably would all die. Therefore there were no extra resources for them. Another fact that there were some racist sentiments was that the African American soldiers only got a $10 pay while the white soldiers got $13.
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