Advertisement For A Product, Marketers Accomplish This Through Targeting Audiences And The Idea Of A Luxury Lifestyle

Advertisement For A Product, Marketers Accomplish This Through Targeting Audiences And The Idea Of A Luxury Lifestyle

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The purpose of advertising is to sell a product, marketers accomplish this through targeting audiences and using various layouts with images, and writing. This writing contains many techniques used to persuade to reader into buying their product. Advertisements sell a products but they also sell ideas and lifestyles. Audiences are targeted using stereotypical aspects such as colours, and fonts. The advertisements layouts, text, images and colours draw the reader in. These are shown in many advertisements including Blackmore’s women’s vitamins advertisement and an advertisement for an apartment on South Terrace in Adelaide.
The purpose of an advertisement is to sell a product or idea. The purpose of the Blackmore’s women’s vitamins is to sell both the vitamins and the idea of “Embracing Act 2”. This is about living the second half of your life as much as you did in the first half. The second advertisement for the apartment purpose is to sell the apartment and the idea of a luxury lifestyle. Both advertisements are similar in that they are both trying to sell a product and an idea however the individual products and ideas are different. The idea from the apartment advertisement is to sell the idea that you can live a luxury lifestyle if you buy this apartment, whereas the idea from the Blackmore’s women’s vitamins is that if you use these vitamins that you will be able to live a better second half of your life. The advertisements achieve the purpose of selling their products, they do this by convincing the buyer that they want the idea of that lifestyle therefore they continue to purchase their product.
In advertising products are sold to a target audience, this is determined through market research. The Blackmore’s Women’s vitami...

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...nterior architect Carmel Sicilano”. The apartment advertisement uses snob appeal to make the customer feel part of an elite group with the lifestyle of living in a luxurious apartment. The marketers use the layout and various techniques to influence the reader to purchase their product.
The purpose of advertising is to sell both the product and the idea, the idea can be a lifestyle such as a luxurious one as in the apartment advertisement, or a healthy life after you turn 50 such as in the Blackmore’s women’s vitamins. Marketers target audiences by stereotyping their audiences such as using cyan on a women’s advertisement, the markers also use headings and images to target the audiences. The layout is also important and draws people in using pictures then influences them to buy their product through various marketing techniques in the writing on the advertisements.

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