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Advance Professional Development Essay

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Professional development is a purposeful and intentional process. According to Guskey T. (2000) it is a consciously designed effort to bring about positive change and improvement. True professional development is a deliberate process, guided by clear vision of purposes and planned goals. These goals form the criteria by which content and materials are selected, process and procedures developed, and assessment and evaluations prepared. Professional development programs are designed to enable one to explore their values, attitudes, styles and interpersonal skills and to provide a platform for continuing personal development as a manager or leader. It refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. It will enhance ability to critically evaluate the theories relating to personal development, management and leadership. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage. There are various approaches to professional development such as consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance. It includes enrichment of interpersonal skills and team-working spirit for managers and leaders. Professional development includes development of leadership styles, emotional intelligence and learning organizations as well as exploring team dynamics and individual interpersonal skills. Cengage D., Haroun L., (2008) has described professional development as those process and activities designed to enhance the professional knowledge, skills and attitude of managers towards developmental process. In one line we can call professional development as intentional, ongoing and systematic p...

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