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Supervisor Training Program
The Supervisor Training Program is a necessity that this company has. Since we are rapidly expanding, we have more people that we must integrate into our company. These people need to be introduced to our culture and be trained on the things that are needed to make this company successful. In the past, we have sent our supervisors to public seminars and conferences. However, now we have the opportunity to develop a program that helps our supervisors to continue to grow and improve. This program will help management throughout this company build a culture based on engagement, empowerment, and innovation. The program will be learner centered instead of event driven. In order to develop the Supervisor Training Program the development planning process must take place.
Development Planning Process
The development planning process “refers to a system to retain and motivate employees by identifying and helping to meet their development needs” (Noe, 2013). This process can be used in the internal hiring process. When brining internal employees into the supervisor training program this process will motivate the employees so they will continue to grow within the company. The morale of the overall company will improve when employees are chosen internally for the supervisor training program. This process has four steps to it; they are self-assessment, reality check, goal setting, and action planning. Self-assessment identifies the improvement that is needed from the employee. The company can provide testing that shows the strengths, weaknesses, interest, and values of the employee. Reality check is when the employee determines which of the needs can be developed realistically. The company can create a performanc...

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...t. This method would allow upper management to see the feedback as well as the success of the program and the improvements that can be made for the next training program. (Noe, 2013)
Leadership Development Program
All in all, the supervisor training program will benefit the company. This program will be good for the development of newly hired and internal employees. The development planning process can help with the development of the internal employees. Since we are training in house the training program will be learner centered. The skills learned in this training will help the trainees succeed in the supervisor role. The different methodologies used to teach the trainees will ensure that the material is retained. Evaluations will be done on the supervisor training program. This will provide the company with feedback and improvements for future training programs.
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