A Survey On Politics While Having A Year Of Finding A New President Essay examples

A Survey On Politics While Having A Year Of Finding A New President Essay examples

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Being able to survey about politics while having a year of finding a new president is important to both us surveyors and the public about their views for different topics. Everyone will believe in something different, but being able to see what their opinions are for certain things will help me see if that correlates to a candidate. I watch something about politics almost everyday on both sides of the spectrum. The reason for that is because I want to both understand politics happening on both sides, but also see how each side views the behavior of their opposite party. I gave the survey of 25 questions to 3 of my friends and a random person and asked them to answer with complete honesty. Many hypotheses can be brought upon these surveys and I believe that a few are strongly shown. Also, when doing the surveys, sometimes the people who I surveyed asked me about some questions and why they were asked. Overall, I found our some very interesting things from the surveys and probably what they believe in.
When asking my friends and the stranger to do the survey, they all accepted to do it and I really was not surprised by that. Now there was one of my friends that questioned some of the survey questions, but I just told them that our class brought up what they thought were important to ask. College is also a great time to really show who you are as a person and so I believe that most people would want to take the survey unless if they were in a rush or too busy. The questions that were asked to me was number eight about the government being able to wiretap U.S citizens without a warrant. Also, the other question asked was number seventeen about political beliefs with Al Qaeda. Now I think the reason they asked me about t...

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...for the people who were Catholic, they said abortions are illegal in all circumstances and that makes sense for Catholics to view that way. Now if they had to answer a different way, I could only think of Catholics saying legal only under certain circumstances. Beliefs in politics are not always tied to their faith or who they see as their candidate, but I would say a good chunk has it going that way. A person might want to vote for Ted Cruz, but then they do not like his views on gun control and so they have to decide who overall is going to be the best candidate for our country and that can be hard for everyone. Through this survey, I have learned about some of my friends views with politics and sure I might not believe in what they do, but I can accept that they want to express themselves and hopefully help our country with finding a great president.

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