Divorce Effects On Children Essay

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In older times, women were responsible for the entire household work. But today, the scenario has completely changed. Now men and women are equally accountable for the household work. Even though the responsibilities have been shared, yet the divorce rate is increasing steadily. Today’s generation couples divorce due to several reasons. This includes fighting and anger between the couples or love for each other has changed. Other reason may be parent fall in love with someone else. Sometimes due to serious problem such as drinking, gambling, and spouse abuse. Financial issues or sharing duties can also be major reason for divorce. Each and every reasons of divorce affect the children’s life differently. In spite of all these reasons, majority of parents don’t care, what will be the affects of divorce on children’s life. How these innocent children handle and adapt to the new environment. Divorce can have both positive and negative affect on children’s life.

According to statics, majority of parents divorce when the children are below eighteen. During this time, children are growing physically, socially, emotionally, morally ,and spiritually. Children don’t know what is going around them. Statics also say, half of the American children witnesses break up of their parents. Divorce may be an easy way out for the parents but is an open door inside children physiological and physical health. Most children are strong and resilient. And have returned a pretty normal life in 2-3 years.

Parental divorce has led a major impact on children’s life. The life that follows after divorce is significantly changed from how life was before. It is observed that divorce have unlike affect on young child and adolescent. Young child are closely c...

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...comfort an upset parent and 24 percent lie for one or the other reason. Results also concluded that one in 10 are involved in crime and 8 percent considered suicide.

Before making a choice for divorce, parents need to calculate the long-term affects of divorce on children. Different reasons of divorce, affect children life differently. Divorce may be a way out of parents, but it affects children physically and mentally. Parental habits are passed to children. Parents should be careful while doing any action. Various researches illustrates, that children’s from a divorce household are prone to have major negative consequences over positive. Children have to adapt new environment leaving all previous memories. Life is complicated, circumstances are unique and individual are different so there are no easy answers to the questions of how divorce may affect children.
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