Essay on A Survey About An African American

Essay on A Survey About An African American

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There was a survey about what word will people comes up when they hear the word “privilege”, people comes up with diversity answers. But most of the African Americans gave the same answer of White. Many of them believed that they are still lived in the world that “white” people could have privilege based on their skin color. There is a fact that with the increase number that “white” police accidently killed African American, most of the police had not been charged for what was happened. However, things has changed since February 12th 2016, a young American born Chinese NYPD officer was found guilty after he accidently killed an unarmed African American in Nov 20th 2014 which is four months after an African American Eric Garner chocked to death by another police officer in Ney York. There was a protest about NYPD not to punish the police officer for killing Eric Garner in time square. Similarly, there was also a protest about the court that announce Peter Liang, the NYPD officer who accidently killed Akai Gurley the unarmed African American, was “fire immediately after a jury convicted him, faces up to 15 years in prison”(ABC news). Approximately ten thousand people participate a protest happened in Brooklyn, as well as the protest happened in thirty other city through American in Feb 20th 2016, this might be the first time that Chinese American stood up to speak for themselves in public.
According to ABC news, most of the Chinese American feel unfair about the judgement because they believed that Peter Liang was treated unfairly by the judicial system. ABC news point out that “many of Liang’s supporters say he is being scapegoated because of the anger over other police shootings in New York and across the country” also the protes...

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...cle, gives credit to the protest and encourage Asian-Americans to speak more for themselves.
I have a complex feeling about the protest, I was excited when I first heard about the protest, then my opinion changed as I dug deeper in to the case. I believe that it was a great progress that Asian American can form a protest and can be firmly united. But the purpose of freeing Peter Liang has cooled me down somehow, because this purpose is not just looking for a fair treatment, but a demand of the privilege for Asian Americans to be treated the same as white Americans. I would never expect the answer to be Asian and white when African Americans were asked about “privilege”. I wished that maybe one day, when people were asked about the word “privilege”, all of them can give out the answer of “eliminated”, saying that privilege is no longer in their life and social system.

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