Essay on A Statement of Purpose: Computer Science

Essay on A Statement of Purpose: Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose

Course applied: Computer Science

My passion for Computers developed when my fingers felt the first touch of it. The abstruse world of computers fascinated me to penetrate the technology and learn more about it, when I was in my 6th grade. The passion for this ever changing technology of computers enthralled me to take up graduation in Computer Science, further to go for research in this stream.

My ambition towards this subject and cognitive approach towards learning brought my first achievement when I successfully won the title “BEST HTML WEB DESIGNER” in my 10th grade. My strong aptitude in this subject helped me to choose INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY for my higher secondary school certificate. This firm foundation helped me to do my under graduation (Bachelor of Technology) with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY as major. In this four years intensive program, involves subjects of my interest like Operating System, Web Programming, Distributed Databases, Computer Networks, Automata and Compiler design in which I secured impressive gr...

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