IMy Degree in Management Information Systems

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“Constant efforts, dedication, devotion and determination are the key to success” This principle I have followed in my career. Setting goals and striving hard to accomplish them has always been my strength in professional as well as personal life. I have always been amazed by computers, code –programs and was keen to understand the underlying meaning, gimmick, structure and pattern of how programs actually work. Learning about simple Foxpro programs, excel sheet formulae, C programs at an early age heightened my interest in computer programs. This childhood interest urged me to do a diploma in information technology and later bachelor’s degree in the same area. Having completed six years course in Information Technology, and two years of experience in IT. I stand by the principal “Stay Hungry” and this has helped me in achieving my goals. Standing by this I would like to explore ahead and pursue MS in MIS. I would like emerge to put to use this knowledge to pursue MS program in MIS. Through diploma years I learnt, fundamentals of object oriented programming, web page designing, relational databases and understand the scope of information processing. I worked on a chat server project in which we developed a communication tool for isolated networks where existing web communication technologies, such as Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc, would not be feasible. We used the incremental model. Initially the project was developed in C#, later, to understand the implementation differences between Java and C#, we developed the project in Java. This project widened my understanding in programming languages, as well as strengthened my object oriented concepts. We studied the Client-Server interaction using sockets, Swing, Messag... ... middle of paper ... ... different layers such as ETL stage, SIF, BDW and how data is processed to generate reports according to the requirement. The processing of information from raw data to different processing stages culminating in coherent information is fascinating. Apart from academics I worked at NGO ‘Akansha Foundation’ teaching underprivileged children. I have also completed two exams in classical Indian dance ‘Bharatnatyam’ and represented my college in dance competitions. The fascination about information management, the seminar on ‘Hadoop vs RDBMS’ as well as the exposure to data-ware housing made me realize the need of a concrete base in MIS. My long term goal is to conduct research in the field of Information Systems and I look forward to develop my career in the field of MIS and a graduate degree at University of ______, _______will be the right step in that direction.

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