Statement Of Purpose For Computer Science

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “They say the entire value of the postage stamp consist in its ability to stick to something until it gets there. Be like the postage stamp; finish the race that you’ve started!” - Albert Einstein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To explore knowledge and achieve excellence has been my inspiration in life. From my early years at high school to my current job at Computer Science Corporation (CSC); this has been my guiding principle. A conducive creative and development environment at CSC helped me to shape my perspective in Programming Languages. Inspired to keep learning and contribute to the world of technology, I am applying to the Master of Science in Computer Science at your esteemed university. I am confident that the knowledge gained during the graduate studies at University of Kansas, will enhance my technological prowess. My interest in Computer Science grew out of my study of mathematics and programming languages. In my engineering, apart from doing well in subjects such as Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Database Systems and Theory of Computation, I was among the few of my peers who always set ambitious targets and thrived to achieve them. I have actively participated and won 3rd prize in my institute’s (Tirumala Engineering College) annual programming competition named ‘Code Marathon’. Being among the top 10% performers, I represented my institute at Enigma, an inter college tech fest and also volunteer number of small event at college campus. In 3rd year, during summer, I learned more about web development using J2EE technology from our Alumni, who organized a wo... ... middle of paper ... ... management on employees needs for technical improvements, team development and social responsibility. Participating in these events and program helped me to grow professionally and personally. Along with adhering to the Job responsibilities and enhancing my technical skills at CSC, I continued to keep up my interest in Mathematics by opting to join Institute of Actuaries India as a student member and pursue Actuarial Science. This made me understand certain basics of Insurance as a business and allowed me to enhance my numerical ability. The graduate program at University of Kansas will help me attain diversified knowledge along with a focus on my interest. I would like to delve deeper in the track of Theory of Computing. On this path of education I do realize the diligence involved and provided an opportunity I will give my best and try to surpass expectations.
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