A Speech On Child Welfare Essay

A Speech On Child Welfare Essay

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Being accepted in the CWS program is one of my short-term goals. I’ve always dreamed of working for DCS (department of child services). Everyone should have a chance to follow their dreams. I want to improve laws for children so they can feel more safe I want to change the ways of others thinking, and stand for what I believe in. I would do everything to improve my grades and my ability to perform the functions of the job expected of me.
If I had to explain the term “child welfare” to someone, I would say child welfare is having the ability to care for a child or children. Child welfare make sure children are safe. Welfare is the health, happiness, and fortune of a person or group. Everyone cannot do services for child welfare. It takes a lot of patience and passion to handle child welfare. I strongly feel I can, I strongly feel this field matches my personality and would be a good career for me. If anyone asked me what child welfare is I would say I am the advocate for child welfare. Child welfare is a continuum of services designed to ensure that children are safe and well taken care of. Child welfare workers support services that help prevent child abuse and neglect.
I am interested in the field of child welfare because, the safety of children is very important to me. Although others may feel the same way. I do not feel I am doing my due diligence until I am in the field working closely with children. I want to be the face of the reason. The reason children feel safe, the reason people know I can do the job and can do it good. I love working with children they are so innocent and should be protected. I can only speak for myself when I say this; children are our future us adults should lead the way. As a child growing up I did...

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...er save money for school expenses. My third long term goal is owning my own car again and house. My fourth long term is retiring young. My short-term and long term goals are very important to me I will do my best to reach them and not let anything get in the way. I will be the best Child Welfare Worker I can be.
Furthermore, I do believe I would be the greatest Child Welfare Worker I can be. I will help children and their families become better functioning and get to their next step in success. I would honor, respect and live by the code of ethics every day in out of the filed. My only dream is to obtain a position with DCS. I want children to feel safe and have justice be served when do. I have always had a passion to want to help others as a child care worker our work is never done there will always be someone who need us. I am very interested in working for DCS

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