Problem: How to get People off of Welfare

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It is a commonly known fact that a large percentage of Americans are living on and relying on welfare, which is a government program that provides financial aid to individuals or groups of people who cannot support themselves. Welfare began in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. There are several types of assistance offered by the government, which include healthcare, food stamps, child care assistance, unemployment, cash aid, and housing assistance. The type of welfare and amounts given depend on the individual, and how many children they have. There are many people who honestly need the government assistance, but there are also many who abuse the privilege. The unsustainable growth of welfare is becoming a big issue in the United States. The government is spending money it does not have to support people it cannot afford. Welfare only adds more debt to our country. Welfare could be a wonderful aid if people used it with justice, but welfare only creates lazy dependent people. Welfare should only be a resource someone can turn to when you are out of all your options, and are in desperate need of help. In this day and age it has turned into a way of life for some people. Too many Americans would rather turn to government assistance than to get back on their feet themselves. Welfare is being taken advantage of. The biggest complication with welfare is that way too many individuals have become dependent on the government, when the assistance should have only been temporary. A solution to reducing the amount of dependent families could be to reform housing benefits and social housing. The Government should look at ways to increase home ownership and reduce the work disincentives created by social housing (O’Brien). Discouragin... ... middle of paper ... ...rly on cognitive and behavioral measures than their middle-class and more affluent peers (Morris, Bloom, Kemple, and Hendra, 853). In the future hopefully the solutions I came up with will be in effect somehow. It would also be great if other’s people’s ideas to reform welfare helped change the amount of people living on the government assistance. If nothing with welfare changes, and it continues down the path it is going, then conditions will only get worse. Life in the United States could get very miserable, if you do not think it already is. Hard working tax payers will get fed up more than they already are, and refuse to work, because they no longer want their money to go to lazy unemployed Americans. Something has to be done, or more and more people are going to resort to welfare, and I think this could be the cause of our economy hitting rock bottom, again.

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