A Reflection On The Writing Of 105 Portfolio Essay

A Reflection On The Writing Of 105 Portfolio Essay

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Welcome to my Composition 105 Portfolio. Comp.105 has built upon many skills that are imperative to being the best writer, reader and student possible. This course has touched on skills that have been previously focused on while also introducing new concepts for me to consider as a reader and writer. Some of the skills include, approaching writing as a process in composing formal and informal pieces, reading a range of texts critically and controlling tone, style and voice of my writing. Throughout the course we wrote several formal and informal pieces. Each of these assignments was challenging in its own way and provided a unique perspective on solving problems throughout the various stages of the writing process.

Writing Assignment #1

Writing Assignment #1 was one of my favorite assignments from the course. WA #1 was an informal piece in which we were expected to use our observational abilities to craft a narrative. Specifically, one that is rich in detail and creativity. The narrative was to be follow the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”, an expression that many call a cliché. However, we used this concept very literally in this piece, by keeping the word limit at 1000 words. The task was to select one of four pictures and write a compelling and cohesive backstory for the image. Each of the images were outstandingly unique to one another. With four distinctive approaches and starting points I looked for the image which struck me as the most inspiring. I went chose “A Village Street with Peasants Dancing” by Pieter Brueghel. This image had a wide range of activity and showcased several unique situations throughout the painting. Ranging from walking down the street to an armed conflict.
My mai...

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... on “courses of the future” such as computer programming.
The challenging aspect of this paper was integrating personal experience while maintaining a formal attitude. This required me to control the tone and style of my writing. I really wanted my personal experience to grip the reader and keep them interested in the piece. I used my tone to keep things at a very personal level when referring to my individual experiences, the main focus of this was to keep relatability and not sound like a robot. In this piece I wanted to keep clear separation of topic and speakers. So, in order to achieve this, I had to make sure my paragraphs were cohesive and flowed properly. Previously, I had an issue with my paragraphs being far too long, I tried to curb this by clearly identifying the direction of the essay in the thesis and ending paragraphs as soon as ideas transitioned.

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