A Positive Approach on Daycare Facilities Essays

A Positive Approach on Daycare Facilities Essays

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In today's society dual income families are far more common than 50 years ago. Children are no longer staying at home with their mom while dad goes off to work. Parents are sending their children to daycare centers while both are “on the clock”. Today's society is seeing less of the traditional “stay-at-home-mom”. Parents are conducting research and choosing the right daycare center for their child; children are excelling academically and socially. In past years, society has put a negative perception in relation to daycare centers. The thought was that children were not being educated nor stimulated in their emotional, social, and intellectual development. It has only been in recent years that parents have become more receptive to the idea of placing their children in daycare. Parents are becoming educated and are making intelligent decision about daycare facilities. It has become relevant to parents that daycare centers offer children the socializing skills needed to make a smooth transition into the school system which will reduce a child's separation anxiety level (Barnes). Children need to develop social skills and require proper adult guidance provided by daycare centers; therefore, daycare centers provide children with the tools needed to make for a successful transition and future in their educational career.
Children are not naturally born with the knowledge of how to interact with other children; philosopher John Locke proposed the blank slate theory in which people are born empty of ideas in which knowledge is influenced by the outside world (Helping Psychology). Interaction with other children is essential for children to know before they enter the school system. Searching for a daycare that prov...

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