Day-care is Good for Children

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Day-care is a place where children ranging from as little as one month, to any other age, are taken care of during the day. This could be due to the parents being too busy to take care of them during the same time, either due to work, school, or other time consuming obligations. Day-care therefore provides alternative care for little children, when their parents are away. This is widely criticized by a large number of people who believe that children should not be left under the care of strangers.

The idea of taking children to day-care is unacceptable by a good number of people. They probably think this way, because daycare involves putting someone else in the ‘parenting’ picture; as far as spending time with, and caring for the child is concerned. However, this is not exactly negative. This is because day-care provides care for little children while their parents attend to other matters, such as attending school or working to earn a living. It is important for those people who discourage day care to realize that not all parents can afford to stay at home with their children all day, as much as they would like to. This is because they need to attend to other pressing matters. In the end, the child benefits from this as the living earned by the parent during this time, or even education earned during this time, will benefit the child in future.

In addition to the above, it is worth noticing that children in day-care tend to be better adjusted people, due to spending time with people outside their own families. This teaches them how to interact with others. It is the interactions between the parents and other caregivers that actually affect the way a baby’s brain is wired for later learning, as has been sug...

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...s in a particular day-care, such as child abuse. The government should also ensure that the cost of day-care is kept reasonable, so that more children can benefit from it, while giving their parents the freedom and opportunity to pursue and accomplish some of their goals.

With all said and done, I think day-care is not a bad place for a child to be after all, as long as no one takes advantage of the situation. This means that the people supervising the children in day-care centers should not take advantage of their parents’ absence to mistreat them, and neither should the parents use day-care as an excuse not to spend quality time with their young ones.


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