Analysis of a Local Day Care

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This report analyses the strengths and weaknesses of a local day care which is registered on the Early Years Register and is located in Derby, UK. It is called Happy Day Nurseries Ltd. This report is based on the inspection dated 18/04/2015 and focuses on quality and standards of the early years provision, the compliance of the early year’s provider to meet the needs of children and the contribution to the well being of children and the effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provider. The previous inspection, carried out in Oct 2014 was graded as good. It was brought forward as a result of concerns raised regarding lack of curriculum planning and safety issues and has been termed as inadequate for failing to provide children with an acceptable standard of education. The inspector observed children and staff in each of the four nursery rooms and found inconsistencies in delivery of educational programme across the nursery. The inspector found planned activities uninspiring and failed to motivate children. The Statutory framework 2012, recommends each area of learning and development must be implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity. It was found that staff does not consistently encourage children’s communication, language skills for the youngest children in particular. Due to very less communication in the toddler room, very young children did not gain the necessary skills to move on in their learning. There were inconsistencies found in the practice planning and delivery of the educational programmes and teaching in different rooms. The local daycare provider may be in breach of their obligation of igniting children’s curiosity ... ... middle of paper ... ...andards in Education. (2012). Raising Standards Improving Lives. [online]. Available from: http://www/ [Accessed 15 January2014] Office for standards in Education. (2013). Inspection report. [online]. Available from: [Accessed 10 January2014] Pugh, G. and Duffy, B. (2009). Contemporary Issues in the Early Years. (5th ed). London: Sage. Robins, A. and Callan, S. (2010). Managing Early Years Settings: Supporting and Learning Teams. London: Sage. Rodd, J. (2006). Leadership in Early childhood: the path way to professionalism. (3rd ed). Maidenhead: O.U. Stogdill. (1998) and Mann. (1959). ‘ Leadership in the Early Years: areview of the literatuire’ In Whalley ,M. E and Allen, S. (2011) Leading Practice in Early Years Settings. Exeter: Learning Matters
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