Essay about A Nepalese School and Its Focus on Society and Service

Essay about A Nepalese School and Its Focus on Society and Service

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YasodharaBaudhaMadhyamikVidhyalaya was established by Ms. ShredayaGuruma in 2013 B.S. with the motto…..It aims to produce good citizens and talented manpower for the country. It is only school in Nepal that has a subject based on life story of Lord Buddha. This school has provided education to those students from more than 50 districts of Nepal. In 2018, with the help of locals, this school was officially registered in the books of government.
This school brought the S.L.C programme in 2057 B.S. for the students. The students who passed out from this school are contributing to the society as well as to the country. Here, teachers are also qualified, experienced and hardworking. This school aims to produce useful and civilized manpower that can compete in this competitive 21st century. Time and again, the authorities of this school organize programmes such as- hiking, camping, educational visits and competitions to arouse the feeling of self-confidence, personality development and helping others among students.

Specialties of YasodharaBaudhaMadhyamikVidhyalaya:

• Qualified, experienced and hardworking teachers for the personality development, civilization and overall development of students.
• Good grading systems and educational environment are provided to students.
• Scholarship and prize distribution programmes are conducted to motivate and encourage students to work hard.
• Frequent parent-teacher meetings and interaction programmes are conducted in the school.
• Interaction programmes with foreign teachers and the successful personalities are done annually.
• Water classroom is made for the students who show special interest in learning about water and its related issues.
• Science laboratory, computer laborat...

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...nt government schools not for money but to teach them the informations and knowledge that are required in life, which may not be in their courses.
1.7 SheeepraAgarwal
After doing the social service, a kind of satisfaction was felt. I have very well utilized my holidays and the decision to teach the students of government school was very productive. All I realized is instead of wasting time during holidays, I would better involve in activities like teaching, where I can bring smile to so many faces. Moreover it is a self-satisfactory job.
Now I have decided that for my every vacation I am surely to give my time in more of productive area and work towards bringing smile on student faces. Overall my decision to teach these underprivileged children was fruitful. And I am happy to be a part of their happiness even though for a small period of time.

1.8 Anee Tamrakar

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