Essay on A Interview On The School Day By Mrs. Taylor

Essay on A Interview On The School Day By Mrs. Taylor

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Doing this interview has opened my eyes on a couple different things that happen in a classroom and different changes that some teachers would like to make. The teacher I interviewed, Mrs. Taylor, had good opinions on how the students and herself should be prepared for the school day. She talked about the different things that she does to make her students more responsible and how she connects with them. Mrs. Taylor also told me an experience she had with a student that kind of made her realize why she is teaching. Mrs. Taylor also talked about how she involved the parents with the students’ school work. She also talks about how she would love different learning opportunities throughout the year that they cannot do because of having limited time to get all of the curriculum that must be done throughout the year done. Mrs. Taylor also told me a few pointers and what the best qualities to have as a teacher. I agreed with what Mrs. Taylor said in the interview.
Mrs. Taylor connects with her students by supporting the students and going to their outside of school activities. Mrs. Taylor told me, “The main way that I connect with the students is by going to a lot of their activities outside of the school. That is the easiest way to connect with them because you’re so busy in the classroom doing school work that you don 't have a whole lot of time to connect with them on a personal level. So going to football games, going to basketball games or any type of school event outside of the school is very helpful to connect with them on a personal level.” I believe that going to outside of school events is a great way to connect with the students because then you don’t just see them and how they do in school but you get to see their personali...

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...some teachers in my years that I didn’t think had that great of an attitude to the students when it came to teaching and I don’t want students thinking that I am the same way as those teachers that I thought had bad attitudes about teaching.
This interview has given me different takes on teaching and has shown me what kind of a teacher I wish to be some day. I hope that I am a teacher that connects with my students outside of the classroom. I definitely will be a teacher that has a better attitude on teaching and I definitely will bring my great qualities to work with me every day. I will also try my best to innovate different ways of looking at material in a non-time consuming way due to the fact that we won’t have much time to get through the curriculum. I honestly wish to be a great role model and be a reason that students want to go to school in the morning.

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