What Makes an Outstanding Teacher

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Outstanding Teacher
I never had a teacher that I clicked with. Changing from school to school was hard and anytime I would get close to someone, I would end up changing schools. I never knew what it meant to have a teacher care about a student so much. That all changed when I moved to Delafield, Wisconsin in 2007. I started a new school in the fourth quarter and everything felt the same. All of a sudden, when seventh grade came around, I felt like a whole new person. This is the year that I met the teacher who became a part of my life. Mrs. Wroblewski has positively inspired me to follow my dreams and be who I want to be. Mrs. Wroblewski is an inspiration to me and a role model because she defended me when I was bullied, gave me great opportunities, a great listener, and is always there for me not matter what.
I have been bullied all my life, I just took it from kids, clearly I did not have a backbone. For each school I attended, I was always the easy target. I let kids tease me, talk behind my back, and call me names. It seemed like it didn’t matter if I told my parents or someone at school, nothing changed. I never really felt that I could tell someone and have things be different. Due to all the teasing, I would often become distracted and lose focus on my assignments. It got worse each year to the point where half the time I would just be in my own little world to get away from the teasing.
Being a student in Mrs. Wroblewski’s classroom always made me feel safe. Whenever something was bothering me, I knew I could talk to her in order to work things out. I knew that if I told her, she would actually do something about it. I still remember when I was sick on the second day of seventh grade and when I came back the next day sh...

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...ave told her however, at the time I didn’t recall ever communicating with her that I have scoliosis. Another example was, I told her, "I really miss seventh grade." Her response to that was, "I thought that was a rough year for you with kids being mean?" I was so shocked that after two to three years she still remembered that.
With her love of teaching and caring about her students, Mrs. Wroblewski really wants everyone to succeed. She will take time out of her busy life to help students understand material being taught and will help until the student feels comfortable with it. She has taken time out of her personal life for me to come and visit her at the middle school. She even came to visit me at Whitewater one day before school started. She truly is the world’s best teacher and I am so thankful that I was placed in her seventh grade math class six years ago.

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