A Hero, President Abraham Lincoln Essay

A Hero, President Abraham Lincoln Essay

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  “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” by Joseph Campbell.The question comes to mind who is this hero its pretty simple it is non other than Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States he was such a great person that i consider him a Hero in my book.He was the one who was president during the Civil War which was the bloodiest war in American soil.He also was the one who freed the slaves which is why i consider him a great hero i mean no one but him had the courage to say free the slaves during presidency.Abraham Lincoln is a hero for standing for the freedom for all and thought everyone is equal.

  Abraham Lincoln runs for presidency in the 1860’s it is thought he was chosen since he did not have extreme views on slavery in a sense he rarely talked about slaves during his campaigning.During the days of election “Me and my wife were at a friends house drinking tea when a young man comes barging through the door saying Mr.Lincoln did you her the news you one the elections i am shocked that i have one the elections and coming from a poor family and my wife did not belive i would be elected nor did I then am filled with joy”.The News spreads like wild fire that the underdog wins the elections and the South is infuriated they create rally and governors from the south come together and start to talk and finally come with a plan to break from the North and create their own Nation.Then comes the huge problem that is that the North has no Slaves but the South does but their are people who are moving west and now their is a bitter debate on whats going to happen if one of these colony becomes a state will it become slave free or with slaves this becomes a debate and Abraham Lincol...

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...er issue her that is rights for all meaning slaves should not even be a thing anymore”and so everyone agreed and so he created a pact which stated free all slaves.At the end of the Civil War it then became one of the Amendments so slavery was completely wiped out in America this is what makes him a good man.
  In conclusion Abraham was a hero to me since he freed the slaves and was great leader to all.This event was important because it gave equal rights to everyone and black or white were all equal and that was something that nobody touched in a Nation who thought everybody was equal.That is why i think Abraham Lincoln is a Hero for everyone he believed in everyone being equal.The lesson is that nobody should be taken their freedom of rights and if so then their are people out their who will defend you.Abraham Lincoln is a hero for all.

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