Essay on A Good Job Of Capturing What Rome

Essay on A Good Job Of Capturing What Rome

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Suetonius does a very good job of capturing what Rome was like. Rome in the early empire was a place of both civility and barbarianism. The citizens of the city were not that good at returning nutrients to the soil, and were more concerned about luxury trade, which identified your status. Although he does a good job with stating facts, Suetonius’ opinions came out from time to time when discussing the behavioral traits of Julius Caesar, Nero, and Vespasian. He believed that the proper and just use of the power of the Res publica is to have authority, be concerned with the greatness of Rome, and conduct things in such a manner that will benefit the citizens and generations to come. The reason I am saying this is because throughout his writings, there are several references made to how some leaders engaged in bribery, and slaughtered people, but then he also commended them on the various leadership styles displayed. Although, Suetonius never directly said it, he made it seem as if it were for the common good.
The Republic of Rome was doing badly. There were many issues that they were faced with, but the most evident ones were the inefficient military, lack of money, and a corrupt senate. Although, Caesar was only the icing on the cake, events had long conspired to end the senate due to the unjustness. According to Suetonius, these issues needed to be addressed, in order to maintain a well-functioning society. Aside from Rome being under attack from outside armies, it was also collapsing from within due to a severe financial predicament. Continuous wars and overspending had nearly emptied the imperial bank accounts, and cruel taxation and inflation had extended the gap between rich and poor. After Nero’s term, Rome had lost so much...

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...hat circumstances are thrown his way. Caesar was faced with bribery, being overwhelmed by power, and so many other things. Though the hardships were apparent and caused him to lose sight of himself, he concerned with the greatness of Rome. At the end of the day, to Suetonius, that was the bigger picture. The Roman Republic definitely experienced many trials and tribulations. The man who were put in charge of it, tried their best to succeed when it came to conducting things in such a manner that would benefit the citizens of Rome, but after each one of their reigns, it seemed as if once a new leader came into power, all of the hard worked that was established quickly plunged due to the inconsistency with the rules set in place.

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