Essay on A Curriculum Driven Science Program Designed For Elementary School

Essay on A Curriculum Driven Science Program Designed For Elementary School

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In the future, I plan to have a curriculum driven science program designed for elementary school students. Some of the best research in the area has been done on Pre-school programming. I have been focusing on this research, since it is some of the most cutting edge in the field. My hope, is that by understanding what works for preschool programming, a baseline can be established that I can work off of in the future for programming designed for a slightly older age group.
Fisch in his book, G is for Growing (2001), acknowledges that there are a lot of critiques against the idea of promoting any television to child whether it is educational or not. There is a false idea, that children who watch television spend less time doing other leisure activities such as reading, he uses research to support that this is not true. Rather than fighting the current of progress in technology and discouraging television, I believe in embracing the concept and improving the ability of television to educate children.
Fisch accepts some of the apparent difficulties that television faces including a rapid content pace. In one episode of the Magic School bus, I counted 120 screen changes for the 20 minute program, that is equal to 6 a minute. Dewey (1938) stresses the importance for students to have time to reflect. With screen changes happening so quickly, it is true, there is often very little time to have reflection or processing information before continuing on the subject or switching to a new one. Fisch (2001) talks about how critics blame low attention rates on television, but he did not find any studies to back this claim one way or another. Whether the idea is true or not, it is important to keep these in mind when creating programming.

... middle of paper ... run off demands. There are very few programs for something like history or a new language at the moment, because right now schools are pushing STEM and literacy. Children’s television programs are on a ad hoc basis. What is needed in America is what PBS is going to create a program for. Currently STEM programs dominate the playing field with reading/writing/literature a close second, Fisch (2001).
Fisch does a good job of breaking down education television into categories by which to approach education tactics. Of the education tactics used, a Dewey approach holds a large presence in children’s television with Vygotsky making a mark. These two theorists are applied to children’s television programming and the television shows’ utilizing them are constantly being researched on to ensure the television show is teaching what it hopes children will take away from it.

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