A Cross Culture Knowledge Transfer Essay

A Cross Culture Knowledge Transfer Essay

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A cross culture knowledge transfer:

According to Sulzer Infra Company, if there are differences in linguistic and culture background, it is very difficult for an organisation to create an effective international team and to make sure that all the team members are cooperatively communicating with each other (P 183). It was found in the case study that there was no such tradition in the company of cross border exchange of ideas, experience and sharing of information related to company (P 186). For an example as a head of Sulzer Infra management explain that the British employees had a problem of being sharing with Germans and the same found with Germans too. As we all know multicultural business perspective helps in promoting education, culture learning.so, it is very essential for any company who has international branches all around the world to work collaboratively as a team.
In 1998, Sulzer Infra Academy was launch to support the wide exchange of skills and ideas for personal and organisational development and focusing on maintaining long term advantages. The Academy runs educational programs cross company and cross divisional to maximise the quality of interaction without permitting language barriers. There was a positive impact in the company management structure as after the seminar the reactions from the informants were generally positive but with mixed opinions. In case of Sulzer Infra, they try to create and efficiently combine knowledge from national as well as international locations around the world for their success and survival. As they know very well that language difference, cultural difference play very essential and significant role in global knowledge creation and management. Concerning this, they found the ...

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...d commercial and technical information. For an example: working together can facilitate communication process easily as seen in P-teams and the Know- how ring as they create communication and co-ordination structure for distributing new knowledge throughout the company. There is one negative point in Sulzer Infra company was a language barrier. It was an inter communication and inter culture sharing problem in a business. Although there was language problem, Sulzer Infra considerably emphasise on team work, which is exemplified in a company motto ‘one winning team’. It brings involvement of people from different country and provides opportunities to meet new people within the company and promoting cross border co-operation. The example is use of pictures and paintings to communicate, understand and sharing of information with each other. (Non-verbal cues are used)

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