A Community Leader For The Muslim Community Essay

A Community Leader For The Muslim Community Essay

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In the beginning of this globalization class, one did not know what to expect. One knew that classes with Dr. Chin were always exciting. When one read there would be a group assignment, it was no surprise. Learning about different cultures and religion is what expands one’s knowledge. Learning about diversity is a part of the curriculum for health care providers. At first, our group chose the Muslim community. One wanted to choose the Jewish community, but all who favored Muslim community ruled. Searching for a community leader for the Muslim community started as an e-mail to a health care provider. One of the group members claimed to know of this health care provider. Unfortunately, emails were not returned in a timely manner. The group decided to go with the Jewish community. It was exciting to study what the Jewish community ate, drank, worship style, schooling, and access to healthcare. It was always one’s curiosity to learn about the lifestyle of the Jewish community. The Jewish community are known to be family oriented, wealthy, and has a huge emphasis on education.
The global issue identified within this Jewish community was obesity. After fasting on holy days, this community tends to indulge in red meat and other traditional foods because they are hungry. Education to this community on portion control was and still is very important. Some of them eat kosher fast foods, but this does not make it any better. Fatty and greasy foods can lead to heart disease. This community lives a sedentary lifestyle; so it was important that this community was educated on increasing physical activity. This is the same for the Indian community which was presented by one of the groups. Their population is full of individuals who are overweigh...

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...t at all, but one will not call itself a true vegetarian. Once one takes a trip to Haiti, the vegetarian status will be over!
Following a healthy eating lifestyle is tough to start, but it can be done. Individuals need to stop and think about limiting greasy foods which will lead to heart disease. There needs to be an increase in health promotion education. Nurses are in the front line. According to (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2013), nurses educate the public and other stakeholders about the contributions nurses make to create healthier communities worldwide. If people knew and understood the complications of chronic diseases, a lifestyle change would be made. Obesity is on the rise, and something has to be done. It has been an awesome journey learning about globalization, and the impact future health care providers can have on certain globalization issues.

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