Terrorism And Domestic Terrorism

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In Module one, I learned that terrorism is a result of physical harm or deadly acts of force with the intent of a political outcome by the use of terror for coercion. There are various types of terrorism such as international terrorism and domestic terrorism. International terrorism occurs outside of the United States with a purpose to influence the policy of a government by intimidation. International and Domestic terrorism both involve violent acts dangerous to human life that violate federal and state laws. Domestic terrorism occurs within the United States with the intention of coercion or intimidation by way of mass destruction, etc. Some forms of terrorism include Improvised explosive devices (IED), kidnappings, suicide bombings and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that terrorism involves physical harm or deadly acts of force with the intent of a political outcome by the use of terror for coercion.
  • Explains how managing emergency operations after and type of terrorist incident can be challenging for first responders. the terrorist incident appendix (tia) is designed to mirror an emergency operations plan in relation to terrorist incidents.
  • Explains that the department of homeland security describes three phases as essential measures to take: prepare, respond, and recover. the recovery stage shifts attention from lifesaving to individuals, households, critical infrastructure and businesses.
  • Explains that planners should discuss and formulate a plan for each type of terrorist hazards such as chemical, biological, conventional explosives and secondary devices, combined hazards, infrastructure attacks and cyber terrorism.

Terrorism originated back as early as the 14th century. The French Revolution originated the word of “terrorist” and “terrorism” (Terrorism Research, n.d.). The use of the word "terrorism" began in 1795 in reference to the Reign of Terror initiated by the Revolutionary government. (Terrorism Research, n.d.). In recent years, there have been major terrorism events in the United States such as 9/11, U.S.S. Cole, Boston marathon, and the federal building bombing in Oklahoma. Shortly after 9/11, Homeland security implemented five threat conditions (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green) with red being severe and green being the lowest threat condition. The author further states that local police are in the best position to learn about intelligence regarding terrorist threats and potential targets. Many of the resources available to local law enforcement include crime prevention seminars, community policing and partnerships with local businesses particularly banks, realtors, car rental agencies and …show more content…

Local, State and Federal government have unique roles which would allow the flow of communication and resources to transition smoothly during each stage of progression. The local and state level (first responders) are the most important source as they can assess, coordinate and notify the next available resources of what is needed. State and local governments are the front runners of planning for and managing the consequences of a terrorist incident using available resources in the critical hours before Federal assistance can arrive (Managing the Emergency Consequences of Terrorist Incidents, July 2002). A Terrorist Incident Appendix (TIA) was designed to mirror an Emergency Operations Plan in relations to terrorist incidents. The TIA consists of six phases: Initiation, Concept Development, Plan Development, Plan Review Development of supporting plans, procedures and materials and Validation of plans using tabletop, functional, and full scale exercises. The TIA should be compared to those plans of existing Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) in place at the local and state level. Comparing plans before and incident allows time for comparison and revision of the various functions which will prevent disconnects to ensure coordination and

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