Terrorism And State Terrorism: Three Types Of Terrorism

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Terrorism Types
The topic of my paper is types of terrorism. There are several types of terrorism for which to choose for my paper, state, dissident, religious, left-wing v. right-wing, and international. In this paper I have chosen state terrorism, religious terrorism, and international terrorism as the types of terrorism that I am going to discuss. I will discuss what they are in my own words and give examples of two different groups for each type that represent that type of terrorism. Then I will compare and contrast the three types of terrorism that I chose.
State terrorism is terrorism from above meaning that it is committed by governments against perceived enemies. It can be both external meaning international or internal meaning domestic. State terrorism is the official support by governments for policies of violence, repression, and intimidation. It is directed against enemies that the state has determined to be a threat against its interests or securities. State terrorism utilizes many types and degrees of violence to include warfare, genocide, assassinations, and torture. Warfare is the use of conventional military forces of the state against an enemy, whether the enemy is external or internal or a conventional or guerrilla combatant. Genocide is where the state uses its resources towards the elimination of a group. It does not differentiate between enemy combatants or enemy civilians, they are all considered enemies. Assassinations are selective applications of homicidal state violence where a single person or a select group of people are designated for elimination. Torture is an instrument of intimidation, interrogation, and humiliation that is also used on a select person of group of people. There are se...

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... can all tie in together yet still be their separate types at the same time. State, religious, and international terrorism are probably the three most common types of terrorism the world experiences. When you look at where they are conducted, a lot happens in developing countries, you can start to see the big picture. Terrorism is everywhere, though it may be labeled different things in different areas. But in the end, it is a group fighting for a belief that they feel is just and true, and they will fight by any means necessary to protect that belief from any perceived threat, real or not. History has shown us that terrorism has always been around, though it has been labeled many things. It has also shown us that it is an evolving tactic, which proves that those groups who feel threatened can and will use any means to protect or fight for what they believe.

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