Muslims and the Discrimination That Came After 9/11

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Since the September 11 attacks, numerous Americans have labeled Muslims in the United States as a risk to our country due to the fact that they share their religion with the extremists responsible for worldwide terrorism. Muslim that live in America continue to face isolation and danger because of their faith. Many people are responsible for this labeling, including journalists, politicians, and religious fanatics. Those mainly responsible for giving Muslims in America a modern day scarlet letter are the extremists themselves. Following the 9/11 attacks, classmates, employers, and to a certain level the US government have shown bias against the Muslim religion. Muslims working in the US have been under fire. Hundreds of Muslims have been discharges and harassed by their employers based on their faith since the attacks took place. Trans State Airlines laid off First Officer Mohammed Hussein because of his Arabic appearance and Islamic beliefs. Hussein had an exceptional work history and was unable to reason with the charges which caused him to be laid off. Muslims going to school throughout the United States have also encountered discrimination. School children of Middle Eastern origin have been beaten and abused by their own classmates. An Iraqi boy that happened to be named Osama was repeatedly harassed because of his name. The Unites States government has also been antagonistic towards the Islam religion since the attacks took place. Some Muslims applying for citizenship had their background checks illegally deferred. Federal raids aimed at “terrorists” in the US targeted people recognized as Muslim leaders. None of these Muslims had any connection terrorism. One of them, Dr. Al Alwani, was an outspoken critic of extremism and ... ... middle of paper ... ...mbers have used the same words before they committed their suicidal actions. The connections between terrorism and Islam are pointed out clearly when the extremists say that they are waging a “holy war” against their enemies. Extremists have used Islam as a justification to attack churches, Hindu and Buddhist temples. Due to the fact that the terrorist who carried out such criminal and inhumane acts associate himself or herself with Muslim religion, the public comes to view Islam as a severe risk. In reality, only 15% of the 1 billion Muslims are extremists and out of that 15%, only a few engage in terrorist activities. However, most news stories do not focus on the places where things are going right, but on the places where things are going wrong. Due to all this, it is clear that the extremists play a large role in pinning the scarlet letter on Muslims in the US.

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